Some people like to post signs on their door. 

I’ll run across signs that read “No solicitors, please.”  Or maybe a frustrated mom will tape up a note that says, “Please take your shoes off at the door.”  I might even come across a piece of paper instructing me where to put a parcel. 

These make good sense.    

But every now and then, while making my rounds, I’ll stumble across a sign that causes me to blurt out, “What the?!?”

Take Mr. Hilderman’s front door.  Do you remember the movie Momento?  Well, in a similarly strange kind of way, Mr. Hilderman likes to tattoo notes, declarations, threats, and just about anything and everything else one can imagine on his front door.  Not sure why.  But he does.  And as you can tell in the picture, he’s particularly opposed to people dropping the F-Bomb in his house.

Oh, and let me tell ya, I’d make sure and honor the request. 

Then there’s Mrs. Shelby, an older woman with an affinity for flowered dresses who has the following prohibitions scrawled across a large piece of cardboard.  It is positioned prominently near her front door.  It reads:

No Shoes
No Cussing
No Weapons
No Drugs


I wonder if it helps?