In case you missed this, uh, interesting little news piece, read below.

From the Huffington Post (Link)

NAKED MAILMAN: Wisconsin Postal Worker Delivers Mail In The Buff

A postal worker in the small town of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, eight miles north of Milwaukee, was arrested at the North Shore Post Office last Thursday for wearing an unsanctioned uniform while making his rounds. That is, no uniform at all.

The 52-year-old man allegedly walked into an office building to deliver mail wearing only a smile. According to Whitefish Bay Now, which cites a town police report, the man has since admitted to the nude delivery, saying “he was sorry and it was a stupid thing to do.”

The Associated Press reports that the postman was hoping to cheer up a woman working at the office, who he said seemed stressed. The AP also says the woman “dared him to do it,” but Whitefish Bay Now says the woman has denied encouraging the delivery of any sort of special package. Still, she says she doesn’t believe he intended any harm.

The postman was arrested for “lewd and lascivious behavior,” a Class A misdemeanor in Wisconsin.