I love a good laugh.  My book is proof of that.  But life is often a strange mixture of humor and heartbreak, sorrow and joy.  There are good times, and there are times of great challenge.  There are times to joke around, and there are times for sober reflection.  This is a moment of sober reflection. 

It goes without saying that some of the most challenging events in life come in the form of sickness.  This is especially the case when a loved one is involved.  Few things are more difficult than to sit beside the bed of a spouse or a child and watch them battle a disease.  It is hard, in part, because our hands are often tied.  We wish we could switch spots with them, or somehow give them a portion of our life, or health, or strength.  If we could just do more somehow…    

Sometimes, however, we can’t do more.  That is true. 

But sometimes we can.

I’d like to introduce you to the Be The Match Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people do that something more.  Through this organization, men and women are provided a unique opportunity to help in a way that goes beyond writing a check or sending a get well card.  Be The Match provides an opportunity to perform a truly profound act, an act that can literally save a life.

How so?  You do this by giving part of yourself for another.  You do this by donating bone marrow or cord blood to those who most need it.  You give sacrificially.

I want to encourage you to seriously consider helping someone who is battling a life-threatening disease.  To give them hope.  To be a hero.  A real hero. 

So let me challenge you.  Consider joining this foundation by being willing to give the gift of life to another in real need.  By purchasing a copy of Walking with the Mailman you will help the foundation, as a portion of the proceeds will go directly to their cause.  But I want to urge you to go deeper.  Be a match.  Check out their website.  Talk with them.  Sign up.  And make a real and lasting difference.

Ask yourself this one question: Why wouldn’t I do this?

You can visit them here: